Thursday, March 11, 2010

No one shall fall sick in Hostel...

There must be a law. A law in constitution or somewhere in nature that no one shall fall ill in hostel. Check this... isn’t it surreal, u got fever, u aren’t in a proviso to walk and then u have to garner all your strength and set off to the doc and pay him from your pocket money. Fish man...

At home the set-up all different, dad taking u hospital, buying fruits, medicines, mom rustling good eatables, offering juice and healthy dishes every hour. Every whim and fancy of yours is granted by caring parents. Grandma massages your head with oil, friends come to meet at home and then you are the boss man. Lying on the bed and watching TV, getting your meal there itself, no one asks you to work, no need to walk to the dining room and here is the hostel - set out to mess downstairs for your repast, decide what to scoff and what not.

At home getting off-color is a lavishness and did you remember we even use to wish for this in our school days but now I hate getting sick. Get your own water, no one to remind you for medicines and if you have an exam then even in your worst you have to get up and study, hell man. So, I say there must be a decree, no one shall fall sick in Hostel.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Moment I Knew...

21st in d evening,
I still remember that glimpse,
Those uncanny eyes, that charming face
Some strange talks, that sweetness in voice
I could even now be a scientist to craft
A machine which travels through times of yore
 We talked for the whole night
Your ambiance was enough to make my life bright
Your prose still echoes in me.
But I didn’t knew this when you were with me.
I woke up a dreadful night
What’s happening to me I screamed
The awe then joined me from dawn to another dawn.
I wasn’t happy I can’t smile...
Why it’s happening, why it’s happening
I tried knowing
And the moment I knew
You had left me alone....
I tried those ten digits which can make me hear your voice again...
My heart etches & I pull myself towards you
In my soul still flashes your pretty face
I still remember your last embrace
I figured out & it was deep in the core your place
I tried tough ways
Were I was yesterday I could never go to that place
How much in me was u, I then realize
I wish if I could apologies...
 But I have not & never will I relinquish
Darling you are, you r mine only wish...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Back Benchers....!!

From the invention of the rolled paper; orbs to paper gliders, to funny comments which makes the class fits of laughter. The credit goes to the great back benchers of all time. Just look at their uncanny eyes; they speak thousand words. The eyes create an impression and catch your attention. Sitting on the back bench ne’er signifies that you are dull or aawara. Back benchers should never be mistaken for being any of them, but what I feel that they are the most creative dudes of the lot. They have got the sharpest brains.
Making rag gliders and aiming high, breaking up droll jokes, making amusing dins when teacher teaches, answering the teacher from after everything else. All these things prove them creative indeed.
Flipside bencher has the ability to entertain the whole class. Without whom, the class falls asleep many times. They may act harlequins but trust me they the wittiest among the whole lot. They must not be flawed for being ranting chaps but most insightful and poignant amid an assortment. These folks are even the most confident & daring. Only they dare to tell the teacher from the after everything else place in the class that your class timing is over, or demand for a free class or takes us out to ground. They have the men’s voice and it can even be heard plainly from their place.
The group of back benchers compromises of leaders, mathematicians, artists, creative men’s, and of course tremendous sportsmen. Leaders among them ridicules the examination, mathematicians scavenge for new formulas of getting more marks in exams without study, artists and creative men sketch something magical or bring out witty gag and clatter that leaves the class speechless, or in fits of laughter.
My personal experience – Deomani a back bencher of my class was even the topper and humorous guy of my class. Pheeeww. Everything from the processes in the mind and simultaneously cracking jokes and comments along recording lecture. Really Incredible!
Sometimes a back bencher may not be the topper but they possess a sharp and intellect brain every time. Just that they have start its modus-operandi in the right direction. What about justice , never done to them as they leave their answer sheet blank as they want to set their teacher free from the trouble of correcting papers. Still backbenchers rocks.
So never underestimate and prejudge a backbencher. And if you are one then be proud of!!!
After all backbenchers are backbenchers... Yiupeeee!!!

An Idiot was Born...

Tring- Tring ! Who is calling? I enquired from jatin while still in nap at around  11.30 pm of 18th September. "Mumma!" said jatin.  I wondered, why aunty would call at this odd hour. Oye, ah! somebody kicked me . Still i was not able to open my eyes. In the same sleepy , unwilling and ignorant tone i enquired about what was happening, just then my sweet and humble friends and friends of friends; threw a bucket full of water having stingy smell shampoo, surf, oil, powder, tooth paste, spices, pickles, cooked vegetables and bla-bla on me, that I could ne’er figure out but It smelled like hell. I even doubt that they might have also done “mutra visarjan” in the bucket.
Soon the greatest invention of science came for my rescue. Yeah!! you guessed it right the cell phone. Ít was a call from my loving babu Chacha wishing me  "Happy b'day beta”. Now I realised why they were doing such creepy things. I felt like as if i was a newely born baby and was totally numb and these people were kicking me as hard. Actually it’s the way they kick-off celebration.
Now it was time for real masti, they carried me to terrace. I can hear the “Happy b’day music as ambience. Again a bucket of water. No, no I shouted but of no use. They carried me to wash room. Under the shower kick hurts a lot man, slaps on my back didn’t leave a mark but even it marred hard. Arrha. I shouted and pulled harshit under shower and danced.
Later on there was a party at terrace, a beautiful cake with the caption "Happy B’day sukku" was on a table. They were hopeless they put the cake everywhere on my face except my mouth. It was yummy. Happy b’day music changed into bhangra beats now. And music lowered only when I had incoming call from my relatives and friends. We danced for the next hour.  It was really lovely.I admire the surprise indeed. But it was not the end of surprises.
Amity has got a very big and beautiful cafeteria. The surprise of the night was not enough, next day my friends decorated the cafe. It was awesome. Soft drinks,cakes and snacks wonderful man. Music,dance,eatbles and friends what else you need to enjoy your b’day party. We had fun to its utmost height.. This is the way Amitians enjoy and stay together. This is the spirit of Amitians. Cheers Habeebi!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Year One @ Amity...

‘Tring-tring’ my cell perturbed my favourite activity; my syrupy cock-crow nap. Dude it was neither a call nor a message but my alarm with reminder ‘Time for college’. “Shit! I am not at home but 30 hours from my sweet abode in college hostel. No doubt I was angry as I could not sleep any more but untrodden campus life fascinated me to persuade.
First day of college is always dream come true for everyone and I was no different to them. Fourth August my very first day at Amity; was full of excitement and inquisitiveness Subsequently, I stepped out of my hostel with lots of new faces around me. Trying to guess many possessions about the new Amitians , not hundreds but thousands of thoughts were striking my innocent mind – where will be my classroom, will I get a good company or not, what will be the reaction of my mates and teachers on my first glimpse and so on. From the main access of my college I turned back as if someone had called me and found world of Amitians with me.
After enquiry I came to know my class is on third floor which gaunt me a bit as I am little lazy at times but koi baat nahi chalega... I entered my classroom after much struggle and my mentor was waiting for me with a registration form. After registration I was guided to move to auditorium for orientation. As soon as I stepped in, I found an Auditorium fully packed with new Amitians. At first sight, I thought all present are from mass communication but my infatuation was short lived. All were fresher’s like me but from different branches. During orientation Honable speakers like Chancellor Amity University Rajasthan, Mr. Asim Chauhan, and Vice Chancellor Prof. Rajpal Singh Sirohi, addressed and introduce us to Amity Universe. We were also enriched with attributes of an Amitian. This was really a wonderful session for all of us. This was not all breathtaking –ice breaking session was still to come up for that we were instructed to move towards library.I was totally confused what‘s going to happen in this session. Well, it was quiet interesting. Ice- breaking session was conducted by our Behavioural science faculty. Activities based on stage fear, knowing each other and team work was ingredients of ice-breaking.
Adventure didn’t end here next day as even more exciting as I have to meet my class fellows. I got timely dressed as it was first day of my class and I never wanted to be late. My first sight at my fellows made me think will our thoughts match at any stance. We looked at each other with curiosity. I still remember the day we first met. Not knowing each other, wanting to know but not even a smile, then we started with blank smile, followed by formal talks, then with ji, hanji, bol yaar, then assigned each other funny names, shared our days, hours together. We even shared our thoughts, worries, dreams and fantasies, faced challenges together. In amity I have found some real friends rather gems. May our friendship be immortal! (ameen)
Well, in this way I made friends. No doubt I had long fights with them, some even back stabbed me but now I figured out who are true ones and who are not. I learned how to behave, learn and achieve in college life. Sometimes as a spectator, sometimes as a participant I engaged in trifles. Well, life teaches as you move on. But now I cultured how to solve and come out of them. I learned to manage my social, personal and professional life. I do really feel and want to admit Amity is a beautiful, hale and hearty place to grow up. My heart is bound to pay gratitude, but I can’t express my profound sense of gratitude and cumulative appreciation in word to Amity University Rajasthan. I would fail from my duty if I don’t articulate gratefulness to my faculties who are the best of all what I got in Amity. As a guardian, as a friend they motivated and criticised at every step, to help us grow the most preeminent way. Today I want to admit that weather you realise this or not what amity gave me I would not have got it anywhere else. In short Amity means a lot to me.

Vote for a "Perfect Nation"

It has been rightly said that the ‘power of vote’ is as strong as the power of sword! By reducing the voting age from 21 to 18, we bestowed this power upon the youth… the power to choose an eligible and deserving one who is capable enough to lead. Empowering the youth with this responsibility,
makes them accountable for the change they wish to see… the change towards prosperity and glory. Exercising this power means not succumbing to poster campaigns, not falling prey to political baits…but making proper and sensible interpretation and judgment. As the first time voter this election, ‘responsibility’ is the first feeling that arouses in every adult franchise. It’s time for us, to make the difference. We must ensure that those who allowed the terrorists to create havoc do not walk into the Parliament. We need to ensure that our country is safe and free from corruption. I see no victory and reason to celebrate, till we choose the one who can fight back; we need to make a proper government. The subtle speeches of our corrupt politicians fail to extinguish my anger. We want reaction. India needs leaders. It’s time to wake up! We are ready for the change. I appeal to all, don’t vote for a particular party. Don’t vote for a political leader. Vote for a perfect nation. Let your vote count and let the development take shape of your imagination. Celebrate the biggest festival of a democratic country!